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Finally some good news.
BC, AB, SK and now ON have rejected vaccine passports.

However, to me this looks like an abusive relationship, where the husband (government) beats the wife (people), then promises to not do it again, apologises and gets some flowers (relaxes the restrictions, provides some aid), and the wife trusts the husband. Then after a period where life is better, things get worse and he beats her again, rinse and repeat.

Here is a graph I drew in a few minutes to demonstrate my point :)

Over time it still gets worse, but rather than get progressively worse every day, there are periods where it gets better, but not to the extent of how good it once was, and then worse, better, worse.

Keeps people hoping, pacifies them, and helps avoid a revolution.

Who here thinks it will get worse again?

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Update: FIXED.


 "We found an alternative to a generalized lockdown." Notice how they make it sound like a great solution, a perfect alternative... the one we, conspiracy theorists, were warning about a year ago.

Next they will be talking about how to make it convenient for businesses to check the vaccination status... How to make it convenient to use across all provinces, across all countries. Until we arrive at the moment where a global mark of the beast is just a flick of a switch away.

Well, we know what's coming next, so what do we do with the time we have left and how much time do we have left? I feel that at best we still have a couple of years until we're in a really bad spot. Can we create a network of businesses that don't require such proof? Will those businesses be allowed to exist? Can we continue to exist in the same society or can we even coexist?

We need more people talking about this and connecting to one another in Canada... We're doing what we can on our end and I'm working on a mobile app for Librti, want to release it by the end of the month but we need more financial help in premium subscriptions or donations to make it happen. Librti would be much easier to use and share with a mobile app. If only 10% of our members were doing monthly subscriptions we could have released that already and done so much more for all of us, so much faster. Please subscribe for an equivalent of 2-3 coffees per month and help us to work on this cause. or

P.s. here, blackmail is called "incentive":

Dr. Cécile Tremblay, a microbiologist and infectious diseases specialist at a major health-care network in Montreal, told Radio-Canada she believes using a vaccine passport can serve as an incentive for people who don't see vaccination as a priority

Librti co-founder & CTO

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