Welcome to Librti

Glorious & Free Social Community

Librti is a private & independent, freedom focused social community created out of necessity to help us connect, inform and prepare. Change comes through our powerful connections, conversations and collaborative action.

Freedom, Truth, Accountability & Community

Our community is founded on the core principles of Non-Aggression, and individual liberty; freedom of association, freedom of choice and voluntary association.

We value and support the freedom of information, ideas and opinions and encourage discussions and debates.

We value free speech, however, it is secondary to our core-principle of Non-Aggression. We do not tolerate bigotry, racism, sexism, and harassment.

Why You Should Join Us

Together we empower our members with connection, knowledge, solutions, resources & support.

Together we unite the various movements, organizations and leaders across the country & give them a platform and amplify their message.

If you want to make positive change in our country, this is the community for you!