January 31, 2021: Platform Updates

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Thanks to the financial support of our premium members, we were hard at work this past month. Our collective vision of Librti is becoming a reality, and we're happy to announce that we have a large update coming out in the second half of February. It will include new features, many fixes and improvements. We will make a separate announcement about this new release in approximately a week.

Meanwhile, we have fixed and improved quite a few functions of the platform and here is a list of some of them:

  • We have combined the knowledge base and support system in a dedicated portal. Visit this page for all your inquiries, suggestions, bug reports, and payment issues -
    Make sure to use the same email address you registered with at Librti.
  • You won't be automatically joining messenger chats when visiting a group page, so no more unexpected notification spam. To join a group/community chat and get updates, you first need to write something in that chat. 
  • The group messenger chats are now correctly labelled with corresponding group/community names within the messenger. You will now know if a chat is related to a particular group or community, or if it's a direct message.
  • Premium members are now be able to join video calls correctly.
  • The number of notifications has been decreased, and the notifications counter should not be resetting occasionally anymore. We will expand the amount of notification options in the next release, and by default only a few will be enabled (so that new members are not overwhelmed).
  • Premium members that have access to posting articles can now link them to the general public, so you now have a place to host your publications and link them publicly to people who are not part of Librti yet.
  • The community map is now dynamic, and the list of communities below is automatically updated based on your current map view. You can now also search by address, and there is a visual difference between icons of province-wide parent communities, and regional communities.
  • The event map is also now dynamic, and the list below is automatically updated based on your current map view. You can also now search by address, and there is a visual difference between different types of events. You can now filter events by type by using the toggles to the right side of the map. The design will be improved soon.
  • Removed SEE MORE functionality for the next few days until we fix this, so you will now see long posts in their entirety instead. 

Premium plan purchases and donation updates:

  • You can now use direct e-transfers to purchase a premium account. Please contact us at and specify your province of residence, and whether you're interested in a 6 month or 12 month premium plan.
  • You can now use automated bank payments (pre-authorized debit) to pay for your premium account. It will take up to a week for the bank to clear your payment and for your premium membership to be activated. After you choose your plan, you can select that option by pressing PAD after entering your billing address info on this page -
  • You can now sponsor a premium account for a friend! Just purchase another 6-mo or 1-yr subscription, and create a support ticket with the same email address you used to register at Librti here -
    We will then issue you a voucher/coupon which your friend will be able to use from this page - - to activate premium on their account.
  • We're planning to integrate cryptocurrency and PayPal payments later in February.
  • Due to popular demand, we're going to shortly release a page where you can make a donation to help us advance our cause of standing for freedom in Canada, and to help finance new features&improvements on the Librti platform. For now, you're welcome to e-transfer any amount you wish to donate to

Here are some of the known issues that will be fixed in the next release:

  • You will be able to edit attachments of timeline posts.
  • You will be able to correctly post directly to other people's profiles, if they enable that within their profile settings. Currently such posts will go to the public feed instead, so for now make sure to use the mentioning system by typing @ followed by the name of the user you are addressing.
  • Longer timeline posts won't be cut off at the bottom anymore after switching to another feed. "See more" will then correctly appear if the post is long.
  • When you change the feed, your selection will persist. If you load the homepage in the future, your previous feed selection will be active. So, if you prefer to see the "Personal" or "New" feed, it will become your new default, until you switch to another feed. 

A few notes:

We want to thank all of you who see the vision and the possibility of what can be to Canadians and the freedom movement as a whole. We have only been online for 1 month and it has already exceeded many of our expectations.

February will be a very important month for Librti as we implement more structure within the organization, release several major updates and bring on several key individuals to the team to help us grow.

Please support our work by upgrading to Premium and sharing Librti with your friends, family and networks.

Thank you,
Norbert, Roman, Odessa & the Librti Team

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