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 A Little Something Different: Wisdom from the Past
Hello Librti family, This weekend I felt overwhelmed and a little defeated with all the tyranny taking place across the land, a country I once knew and loved… I needed “a little something different” and I recalled a Hopi Elder Prophecy writ
 URGENT: Churches That Will Gather for Good Friday and Easter Sunday 2021
Lockdowns in Canada have come just in time to cancel Easter. Did you know that lockdowns over Easter were planned in Germany and France, but the public pushed back and the lockdown measures were abandoned by both Merkel and Macron?! Wow, th
Supporting our Own! Druthers Alternative Newspaper: REAL NEWS & REAL INFORMATION
Supporting the freedom movement and each other is our only line of defense! On behalf of the Librti Team, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Shawn, founder of Druthers, we are happy you are here with us! Druthers is Canada’s fastest g
Urgent Call to Action, Censorship is Accelerating
Hello Librti Family, Sadly, we learned that YouTube demonetized Rebel News ($400,000 in annual revenue, gone) and on Mar. 9 both HuffPost Canada and HuffPost Québec were abruptly shut down just two weeks after BuzzFeed, an American firm loc
Strength in Numbers | Welcome to Dione and Niall
Several weeks ago, we announced that we were looking to hire our first key team member to help us with the growth of the Librti platform. We were extremely humbled at the response and the amount of incredibly talented and experienced people
Librti Shop Grand Opening!
Over the past few months, people have been asking for Librti shirts and hoodies. We have been working behind the scene and are extremely happy to announce the grand opening of Librti Shop, which features a collection of freedom branded clot
Great Reset Summit. Taking a Moment to CELEBRATE a Milestone!
As the Great Reset Summit has come to a close, with humbleness and full hearts our team here at Librti Social Network is reflecting on this accomplishment. This was our very first broadcast, and the first of many more. We did it! This proje
Librti Video Platform is now LIVE! Thank You, Premium Members ❤️
Librti Social Network is proud to announce the launch of the Librti video platform. The platform highlights video content CENSORED elsewhere, posted by select Canadian movement leaders and influencers to keep our growing community informed
CENSORED & CANCELLED On Day 1 of the Great Reset Summit
Ladies and gentlemen, if you tuned in last night, you are aware that we were CENSORED. Mark Friesens’ YouTube channel was terminated and he lost access to ALL of his Google account services. Despite our broadcast being deplatformed, we have
Premieres Tonight - The Great Reset Summit - Learn The Facts To Be Prepared!
Mark your calendar! The Great Reset Summit starts tonight (Mar. 2) at 5 p.m. PST (8 p.m. EST). Sit back and take in an important message featuring North America’s thought leaders.See the full schedule and sign up to receive notifications:ht
We Are HIRING!! Join the Librti Team
Librti is very excited to announce that we are hiring! If you feel you are qualified for this role, please read the details of this posting carefully and email your resume before February 16th, 2021. Please share with any friends or family