Librti Updates
CENSORED & CANCELLED On Day 1 of the Great Reset Summit
Ladies and gentlemen, if you tuned in last night, you are aware that we were CENSORED. Mark Friesens’ YouTube channel was terminated and he lost access to ALL of his Google account services. Despite our broadcast being deplatformed, we have secured the interviews on Librti! Librti Social Network is the LEADER in providing a safe and secure Canadian platform where concerned citizens are able to have meaningful conversations and share critical information.Here is a recap of what was CENSORED last night.  Why is it Unacceptable for a Doctor to Question the Safety of New Medicines?Dr Carrie Madej is a Internal Medicine Specialist in McDonough, GA and has over 20 years of experience in the medica
Premieres Tonight - The Great Reset Summit - Learn The Facts To Be Prepared!
Mark your calendar! The Great Reset Summit starts tonight (Mar. 2) at 5 p.m. PST (8 p.m. EST). Sit back and take in an important message featuring North America’s thought leaders.See the full schedule and sign up to receive notifications: Your Hosts...Odessa Orlewicz from Liberty Talk Canada and Mark Friesen aka "The Grizzly Patriot" for their discussions with Dr. Carrie Madej and Marc Morano. Wow, we have finally arrived at the Summit!Tonight’s Premiere will feature the following interviews at 5pm PST / 8pm EST:Climate Hoax, The Same Strategy with WuFlu - Marc MoranoThe Covid Vaccine: Why You Should Think Twice About Taking It - Dr. Carrie Madej See the full sch
We Are HIRING!! Join the Librti Team
Librti is very excited to announce that we are hiring! If you feel you are qualified for this role, please read the details of this posting carefully and email your resume before February 16th, 2021. Please share with any friends or family who you feel would be a great fit for this role.
The Position: Online Community Growth & Engagement AmbassadorThe Opportunity Be part of building Canada’s first freedom focused social media community. Librti is a new social media network founded on the principles of freedom of information, freedom of speech and freedom of choice as a counter balance to the growing censorship in traditional and digital media. We are a growing and influential community o
January 31, 2021: Platform Updates
Thanks to the financial support of our premium members, we were hard at work this past month. Our collective vision of Librti is becoming a reality, and we're happy to announce that we have a large update coming out in the second half of February. It will include new features, many fixes and improvements. We will make a separate announcement about this new release in approximately a week.Meanwhile, we have fixed and improved quite a few functions of the platform and here is a list of some of them:We have combined the knowledge base and support system in a dedicated portal. Visit this page for all your inquiries, suggestions, bug reports, and payment issues -
January 10, 2021: Mini-update to the main Timeline
For the convenience of our new members, the default homepage feed will now be HOT - that resembles how it worked on the old Liberty Network. As you follow members and join groups, you can start making use of the PERSONAL feed, where you see content from people and groups that you follow.In the near future we will make your feed selection permanently tied to your account, so that you wont have to switch to your preferred feed every time you load the page. For your reference, here are the 4 feeds:New (Previously called Public) - where you can see posts (excluding posts to groups/communities that you're not part of) sorted by most recentHot (new default for the time being) - Where you can see m
2021: Our Journey Ahead and Future Developments
What brings us together is the fact that we are all being hit by the same hardships at the same time. Each of us in Canada (and around the world) is encountering the exact same problems, is faced with the same challenges, and so it only makes sense that we need to come up with the solutions together, and face this also, together.We all see through the lies, we don't agree with their mandates, we are cautious about injecting ourselves with untested mRNA vaccines, we value freedom of speech and individual liberty. And we all want this madness to end. It takes all of us coming together to create great change in our country, and stand for our rights and freedoms.Within our community, we have sta
January 9, 2021: Platform Updates
Recent UpdatesFriends of Librti,We are working on a few exciting features and improvements of the platform thanks to all your valuable feedback and support.Here is some of what we've updated and changed over the past week:We've listened to your feedback! - Communities now have a dynamic map with a search bar, so that it is easy to find the community closest to you. Soon we will add a convenient "Request a community" button, but for now, please direct your requests to Tom Hopwood. Please note, that a new community will be set up only if at least several members request one in the same area.A few members have brought to our attention that the amount of timeline posts loaded on the main feeds i
Librti Premium Subscription & Features Released
We have now completed and activated the Librti Premium Membership. We kept Librti FREE for all Canadians, so everyone could join and participate in the conversations and benefit from being part of the community, participating in groups, the local communities, discussions and our marketplace.And for our loyal power users, we created the Premium Membership with additional premium features, such as video uploading, video calls, group admin, additional storage, ability to sell on the Librti marketplace & much more.If you are interested to see the brand new features we have available for Premium Members we’ve put all the details on this page: are not fund
New Welcome Tour Video Released
We've just released a brand new welcome tour video to go over the features of Librti.comUpdate and personalize your Profile.Be sure to adjust your Notifications to control which you want to receive on the website and also by email.Discover interest based Groups to join, and/or create your own group as a PREMIUM Member.Discover local Communities to join to connect with and collaborate with members locally.Participate in Discussions on a variety of topics, or start your own.Support the Librti platform, the growth of our community and the freedom movement across the country by Upgrading to PREMIUM Membership and unlocking all of the Premium benefits and features. AVAILABLE NOW!
Christmas Eve update
Merry Christmas!It is the time for family and friends, for hope, and for love.With all that's going on it may be hard to see something positive, so this is our chance to celebrate, to pray, and to be grateful about how far we've come in revealing the truth, finding one other, and building our community together.As we're getting ready for launch on January 1st, we have added a new section called "Librti Updates". You can see it on the left menu.Here we will be posting updates about the Librti platform - new features, changes, developments.We will also be posting about recent Librti Alliance developments (we will give more details about the alliance in the New Year, but in short - it is a grou