2021: Our Journey Ahead and Future Developments

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What brings us together is the fact that we are all being hit by the same hardships at the same time. Each of us in Canada (and around the world) is encountering the exact same problems, is faced with the same challenges, and so it only makes sense that we need to come up with the solutions together, and face this also, together.

We all see through the lies, we don't agree with their mandates, we are cautious about injecting ourselves with untested mRNA vaccines, we value freedom of speech and individual liberty. And we all want this madness to end. It takes all of us coming together to create great change in our country, and stand for our rights and freedoms.

Within our community, we have started finding common ground and respecting each other regardless of our differences.  Most importantly, we all now know that we are not alone in our struggle anymore, we see that there are many of us around the country - still confused, disorganized, and disconnected, but now coming together in the face of adversity, to face these challenges as one. Our lives in the coming years will be more sane and comfortable thanks to all the brilliant minds and great hearts that are joining our community and taking action.

We are just at the beginning of our long journey and we can't create this for you without your support. 

It is becoming evident that this platform that was created out of pure necessity could be one of the best chances us, liberty-minded people in Canada have at this point, so please share the word about Librti, and upgrade your account if you haven't already. As you've already noticed, this platform has significantly more features and a much bigger scope than the older Liberty Network. 

So, although individually your premium plan does not seem like it would make a big impact, this upgrade is actually essential in order for us to cover the operating costs of running this new system and is incredibly important for the development of all these wonderful improvements that we are already working on for all of you here on Librti, such as:

  1. The community marketplace, where we will be able to trade with one another
  2. The business directory, where we can discover businesses and brands that stand for the same values as we do
  3. Actions section with an up to date list of the different tasks that you can do to make a difference
  4. A standalone Librti app that you can download to your phone
  5. Audio recordings in the messenger
  6. Sorting content throughout the site by most popular of the day/week/month
  7. Hashtag selector
  8. New payment options, such as direct bank transfers, paypal, and cryptocurrencies
  9. Paid groups, where each of you as a group owner can create a subscription for your group, in case if you provide some paid service
  10. Other quality of life improvements, such as: loading speed, more storage space, notification and messenger improvements, sticky columns, and much, much more
  11. Down the road - live-streaming, video hosting similar to YouTube

Some of you have already upgraded to a premium account over the past week, and we thank you for your trust and support. We also want to thank the people that are spreading the word about Librti, because every new person that joins here will help co-create this community. New members bring with them their unique knowledge and experience, new ideas and solutions and help make our community a more resilient, well connected, well informed, and, simply, a better place for all of us.

Your support is critical in our mission to connect, inform, and support freedom loving like-minded Canadians, and to give power to the voices of our wonderful freedom fighters and movements here in Canada. 2021 is our year.

Thank you.

The Librti Team

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