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For Employees, Students etc. facing Vax Mandates... This might be helpful for some so I'm posting these images here, please read through it all. Sorry if its a little out of order.

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Added a video 

Join me for the webinar Thursday Oct 14th register at 

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We are Born Sovereign.

Stand For Librti with Librti clothing from our

Thank you for your support.

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I need some help with research... planning to do a video on O’Toole and the Conservatives globalist connections... could somebody research for me all the Globalist, UN, Agenda 2030 connections that OToole and the Conservatives have?

And all the ways that O’Toole has not stood for Canadians freedoms during the last 18 months.

Your help is greatly appreciated if you are able. Post your links and resources and bullet points in the comments if you have them.

Thank you 🙏🏼

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Reposted Blue Eyez 's post.

This Manitoban is concerned with the Museum contradicting themselves, as we all are. Why did they build this building if human rights aren't to be valued and kept?

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