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From: Chris Sky
Using a "longos maple syrup challenge" inspired by JULIO @mask_exemption on Instagram organized 60 people to take the challenge police were called. The result LONGOS HAS CHANGED THEIR POLICY TO HONOR MASK EXEMPTIONS!

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Julio without having to join Instagram? COSTCO ought to be targeted next with a similar action.

This is a really good video discussion on vaccine passports in Canada and current, related topics featuring all Canadian content -- Ted Kuntz from Vaccine Choice Canada, Dr. Joel Bohemier and Dr. Stephen Malthous.

At the end of the video they suggest one way of letting your voice be heard: “Let your lawmakers know that requiring Canadians to produce documentation that they’ve been inoculated with an experimental vaccine in order to freely travel internationally is illogical and unethical.”

Stand For Health Freedom Canada is standing up to protect our medical and travel autonomy. Please consider signing their latest petition -- an email letter will automatically be directed to your MP's and Senators. You can modify the email if you like but you don’t have to. All that's needed is your name, email and address. The system finds your elected representatives and generates the email. Once you click submit, the recipients’ names are automatically added as is your name (signature) at the end of the letter. Very simple.

This URL should take you to the Canadian section:

The system generated a number of reps (local and federal) for me.

Johnson & Johnson to Test COVID Vaccine on Infants

They are coming for your newborn children !

*Is Bill Gates too powerful?*

This is an excellent summary (from Russel Brand) of Gates’ investments, wealth, power, questionable tactics and motivation.

From Randy Hillier, MPP, Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston

Doug Ford’s chief pollsters, Campaign Research, are asking the people of Ontario how they feel about present and possible new restrictions.

You can find these questions here: 

This is absolutely terrifying.

Suspending civil rights and liberties? Vehicle and pedestrian checkpoints? Police removing people from their homes? Jailing and fining those who hold dissenting opinions?

Did we suddenly wake up in Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany?

Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario, CANADA, is asking for approval to remove our Charter Rights.

Thanks to the courageous whistleblower who shared these screenshots with No More Lockdowns Canada and all the major media outlets in Ontario on Friday, it appears Anthony Furey was the only one to talk about it.

These questions our government is asking are very serious and very concerning; it is abhorrent to say the least. How could we even consider these actions in our free country? It is time to speak out.

If you live outside my riding with a PC MPP, send them these screenshots, if you are a constituent, consider reaching out to the Premier and ask:

“Why is your government contemplating removing my rights and liberties? Why is your government talking about forcefully removing citizens from their home and setting up Soviet-style check points?”.

Ask via email, phone, letter, and social media.

If you share on social media be sure to share with me and the press.

You can find your Member of Provincial Parliament and their contact information here.

This should NEVER be acceptable, the public’s hesitancy for dissent on the current restrictions is what lets our elected officials think that this would be ok, that they can get away with this. Let them know they are wrong.

Speak out, ask questions, and help spread the word.

These were shared to me from, be sure to sign their petition and request a lawn sign.

Randy Hillier