Hi! I'm Lorin. Living in Kelowna, Okanagan, BC. Joined Librti May 16. This world is changing. I'm hoping to be part of the positive changes. My wife (Sacheen) and I are looking forward to making new friends with common interests and open minds (awake). We've been through a lot of challenges in the last several years and are foreseeing many more. We enjoy deep conversations, camping, day hikes & bikes, kayaking, adventure seeking, mediation, karaoke, gardening, vegetarian food, and much more.  Please reach out and say Hi, especially if you're in the BC southern interior.

I RedPilled my boss on Tuesday afternoon. Here's my short story of using the employer Vaccine Notice of Liability.

Like many people, I'm not fond of confrontation or conflict. I usually shy away from it. I work hard and in my career I've been rewarded with respect and reasonable wages, etc. I work for a reasonably progressive Consulting Firm in Kelowna, so we've had some measure of discern with regards to the "pandemic" measures. We've also got reasonable work from home policies that have allowed the flexibility needed for staff. As of last week when the last idiotic masking mandates were enforced for Central Okanagan by Henry and her goons... Company policy is we generally don't talk about the vaccines and it's a personal (private) choice. So for the most part no one except those that have approached the senior staff have talked about their choice or concerns with the vaccine. Our company promptly reacted with "we're back to wearing masks in the office when you're not at your desk" (which of course have 6 ft spacing and single directional hallways, blah blah blah.) We've been up to 75% occupancy and now back to 50% again. The yo-yo is getting tiresome... so as of last weekend I decided I'm giving them notice and requesting permanent work from home status.  

This Tuesday morning we had our monthly staff meeting our boss to my surprise he announced that at the beginning of his vacation about a week and a half ago, he had his second Pfizer shot. Any guesses as to the results... yup, two days later he was in the hospital with chest pain (heart) issues. I had already arranged a meeting for that afternoon so I waited anxiously with my documents in had... 4pm I sprung it on them (boss and supervisor) ... by 4:30 I had left their heads reeling with new information and the Action4Canada Inc. Vaccine Notice of Liability.

I was pleasantly surprised at how they took it. In the meeting, they both re-assured me that they believed this experimental injection was and should remain a personal choice. They were already aware of some issues regarding human rights and to my surprise the Boss even commented how he's aware that the current media and government propaganda is reflective of pre-WW2 nazi propaganda. The next day I had a brief follow up meeting with him and was confirmed by him they had no intention of mandating any medical procedure(s) for individuals. There was a bit of a gloss over of blue pills still that "we're just following what Worksafe and OHS requires or recommends." BS... but the Libility notice is served and I believe will cause change.

Not sure how corporate was or is taking it... but do know it's bee circulated up to the Senior HR, Legal, and Executives (without my name on it.) The SEED (aka Red Pill) has been planted in one of BC's most respected consulting firms.

If anyone is on the fence about approaching your boss about your Vaxx status and do NOT want to coerced or mandated by business policy into the Jab... PLEASE DO THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Also please share this with anyone you know that has not already done this. I'm regretting not doing it a couple months ago.

Have the COURAGE. Don't just take the redpill... Offer it to others. (I should listen to my wife more often.)
Good luck all!

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Virtues. How do you live them?

This has been an on and off again discuss/theme over the last few years with myself and my Angel. Many are aware of the "7 deadly sins" from the Bible (and the movie)... But how many focus on what we should be aiming for? How often do you review the "7 heavenly virtues"? More importantly do you actively seek to implement them on a daily basis? 

 This came out of a discussion at the beach this afternoon... The question is what is the dominant sin people are committing during this pandemic? What led us here? And what will they be learning (what heavenly virtue)?  I believe it's Pride and humility, but feel free to counter offer. Let me elaborate... Far too many people are/were wearing a mask and taking the jab. Today we went to shoppers and my wife notice a few mask wearers approach. When they noticed that no one else was wearing them, they lowered them. This is a bystander effect. It's rooted in pride (ie being like others). Humanity is afraid to stand up so they go along to be accepted by peers and society. Thoughts?

Further to this I've always found it interesting to dive a bit deeper into any subject. There's many variations of virtues that are deemed better or more important in a variety of cultures and religions and philosophies around the world. I've attached a few for interest and discussion.

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Reposted Jean Doig's post.

This is the US Senate's announcement - establishment corona narrative is a lie: They finally acknowledge Dr. McCullough and another for their success with Ivermectin as a preventative and early treatment. Also investigating Fauci's emails tying him with China and the collusion with pharmaceuticals. They are asking him to step aside for questioning.  This has to be blasted all over social media so there's a halt to the jab. 


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A mother from Leander, Texas, addressed the Leander school board this month, expressing her outrage about a book that contained sexually explicit material that her high school son was reading for class.


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Reposted Action4Canada Inc.'s post.


UPDATE June 13, 2021: In response to the Notice of Liability being delivered to teachers, principals, and school superintendents across the nation…Unions and other officials are advising their teachers NOT to give any vaccine advice to their students. This is the right response. 

However, Interior Health and a school superintendent in BC are attempting to minimize the legitimacy of the NOL and stating that the NOL is coming from an anti-vaccine organization, and that they are following provincial guidelines. This is not an acceptable excuse and will not exonerate them from liability should they continue to promote this experimental treatment. The fact is that they are simply parroting the “advice” of the PHO and WHO without any scrutiny, or recognizing the advice of Canadian and International experts who strongly disagree with the government’s narrative. 

To be clear: what is being administered is NOT a vaccine but a harmful and deadly experimental gene therapy so please continue to take action! 

Send to: School Board Trustees, District Superintendents, Ministers of Education, Principals, teachers, Mayors, etc.

There are four PDF’s to choose from. One for Parents who currently have a child/children in the education system; one for Concerned Citizens with no child/children in the system, but who are equally interested in stopping the experimentation of our children; one for Post Secondary Students; and one for Elected Officials involved in children’s care.

See Instructions below for Service of NOL, to protect our children from this harmful and deadly injection.

NOTE: there is no expiration date on these NOL’s and they apply and are in full force and effect throughout the entire 2021/2022 school season and beyond.

We MUST protect our kids. Therefore, we urge you to send this Notice of Liability individually to every individual involved in your child’s education:

Parent: https://www.librti.com/page/view-file?id=200 

Concerned Citizen: https://www.librti.com/page/view-file?id=199

Post Secondary Students: https://www.librti.com/page/view-file?id=197

Elected Officials: https://www.librti.com/page/view-file?id=196

Instructions for Sending the Notice of Liability

Only one (not three) Notice of Liability needs to be served:

- Print two copies of the Notice of Liability 

- Fill in both copies with the name of the person you are sending it to (one notice per person) and sign each copy

- Keep one copy of the Notice for your records Record the event when serving the notice of liability in person 

- If sending by mail, you must send using registered mail

Note: It is important to keep a record of all information (eg. documents, videos, dates, times, etc.)

Action4Canada accepts no responsibility or liability for any harms or losses that occur as result of delivering this notice to anyone. If you do not agree to these terms then please do not use this notice. We do not make any representations or warranties about the potential consequences of delivering this Notice of Liability (eg. removal of child from a private school).                       

Disclaimer:  This information is not intended to be used as legal or health advise. We encourage you to do your own research.

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“One of the things I do want to make a comment on now is for the people who have not been vaccinated. When you're looking at people who have been vaccinated, step back for just a moment and recognize that many of those people got vaccinated because they were told that this was the only way to protect the people that they loved.

What we need to do is have the intelligence and the compassion necessary to look at those individuals and say, ‘I get it. No judgment.’ If there's a shedding problem or something like that that you're dealing with, there are treatments available that you can look at. I put those on the website, too.”

But come together and support those people, because they were just doing what they thought was right. Many of them are scared, and they have been made so scared. By the way, what type of country, what type of world, spends so much effort frightening the blazes out of its citizens? That says something.”
Dr. Richard Fleming

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Hi! I'm Lorin. Living in Kelowna, Okanagan, BC. Joined Librti May 16. This world is changing. I'm hoping to be part of the positive changes. My wife (Sacheen) and I are looking forward to making new friends with common interests and open minds (awake). We've been through a lot of challenges in the last several years and are foreseeing many more. We enjoy deep conversations, camping, day hikes & bikes, kayaking, adventure seeking, mediation, karaoke, gardening, vegetarian food, and much more.  Please reach out and say Hi, especially if you're in the BC southern interior.

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