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Turd-eau straight out of here in Ottawa, the capital, threatening unjabbed people...

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Under the Trudeau government, Canadians have suffered greatly throughout this past year and a half of "two weeks to flatten the curve". Cancers fatally developed, local businesses collapsed, and adults and children alike have been deprived of essential social interaction. Drug use, domestic violence, and suicide rates all spiked. Children were forced to be muzzled in schools (when they were allowed to attend) and people as young as 12 have been coerced into receiving a dangerous injection to play hockey, continue their degree, or visit their family abroad. All the while, Canadians were denied real, cheap, and effective treatments like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, which would have saved the vast majority of covid fatalities. None of this needed to happen, but one can't make a boundless fortune, establish absolute dominion on Earth, and depopulate humanity all at the same time with unpatented, old, and safe medications.

So, with the coming election, what is one to do? There appears to be only one party which has a counter stance to the globalist covid agenda, and we simply want you to know that you have the option. Here is an introduction to the current People's Party of Canada Campaign 2021.


Thank you for your time,

-The Trozzi Team

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