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Urgent we need ALL Canadians to sign this. This is the one that threatens liability and we worked REALLY REALLY hard on it. EVERY time someone signs it ...it goes straight into the receivers inbox which is epic.


Unmask the children at school! SIGN THIS!   This FIRST letter is directed at Bonnie Henry and Jennifer Whiteside. This is a legitimate petition with scientific evidence stated. ALL BC adults (18 and over) in BC need to sign this that care about or have a child in a BC school district. You do NOT need to be a direct parent. You can be an aunt; sister; grandparent, godparent, babysitter. etc...This letter was NOT put together by me but here is a start. The next one I'm involved in is still being put together which will state liability against the BCTF and other heavy hitters TBA soon. PLEASE MAKE THIS GO VIRAL IT IS OUR DUTY AS CANADIAN ADULTS TO SAVE THE KIDS FROM CHILD ABUSE IN SCHOOLS.


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Second part of Boyd Anderson interview. We talk CERN, corruption, Humboldt,  and his view of numbers and his view of the bible.

Boyd's views are not necessarily the views of liberty talk canada.

Hi friends, I just want to be clear as someone was asking. Videos that have been taken DOWN from Youtube are always still here. Many of my vids from Youtube get taken down so you see vids here that are not avail on Youtube. I also post "lives" here that I have never put on Youtube as they would be taken down. So there are "live" vids here too that you can't see on YT. Now I DO upload all my YT vids here too which may say "jab" instead of Vaccine and "face diaper" instead of mask. If you go through my vids though,  you will see interviews that were taken down from my YT channel. Here at Librti we cannot afford livestreaming yet so I upload :) I hope that clears up any confusion.

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I find Boyd's book fascinating regarding what happened to flights MH370 and MH17 and what he was told while in Dubai, and what he discovered was being planned re: the NWO, Crypto, and the missing flights.

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