Light of Enlightenment

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Sons of Darkness vs The Sons of Light - It takes enlightenment to fight this war.  Enlightenment is a different level of consciousness that will provide the good guys with the necessary help in order to win the battle.  What is it?  Is Jesus coming back?  Yes, he comes back in your consciousness.  It is all a result of the orbit of Sirius and our location in the zodiac wheel of the Great Year..  He is not going to come in the clouds. He is Light! He is your Higher Self and has many other names  Krishna and Buddha.  That which will allow us to cross. the AtaKharana Bridge.  The Bridge Over Troubled Waters sung about by Simon and Garfunkle. The bridge that marries your lower manas (mind) with higher manas, allowing you to become a Son of Light (enlightened).

Since this is really a spiritual war, am I the only one who believes we should be well equipped to fight this war? This is not a war which can be fought at the animal or personal level. You can not defeat darkness with darkness.

"Since the dawn of civilization highly evolved souls have been searching relentlessly for this Light. This is the Light of Shri Krishna. This is the Light of Shri Jesus. This is the Light of Shri Buddha. This is the Light of Allah, of Yahweh, of Brahman or any other name that humans give to Him. God Almighty is Light!" Lama Surya Das

You have to get Light in your head! Do you know what the meaning is?

This is the final play in the act of this world.  Prepare for battle.  This Light or Fire is Kundalini in the east and the Holy Ghost in the west, Shekinah Glory to the Jews, The Tao to the Chinese, etc.  Different names for the same Light! It has been sung about for centuries. Songs like Hey Jude and Light My Fire, by the Beatles and the Doors respectively,  sing about this Light.  There are literally dozens, if not 100s of Rock Songs about this Light.

You can not graduate from the world without enlightenment.


East and west agree. The Light is your liberation from this lower world of senses. Get the key!

"It is said in our tradition that a person who is liberated at the moment of death is considered to be liberated in this lifetime, and not in one of the bardo states after death; for it is within this lifetime that the essential recognition of the Clear Light has taken place and been established." Tibetan Book of The Dead 

Rev 3:12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is New Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name. The Bible

"The fire or knowledge burns up all action on the plane of illusion,” ... “Therefore, those who have acquired it and are emancipated, are called ‘Fires.’ " H.P. Blavatsky

The wise men who know the true scriptures say, 'that is diksha (an initiation by the Guru - your Higher Self) in which the noose of bondage is destroyed and union with Shiva is bestowed'). During initiation, it is the Guru's Shakti (Holy Ghost) which enters the disciple.

Light Of EnLIGHTenment

John 14:26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.


"Awareness of the Light in man will give him all knowledge and power." Walter Russell

You have no other way to win the battle. The only way out is in!


The War Scrolls

Read into the following with understanding that we have come to this time in our evolution

"The description of the eschatological war.

eschatological - relating to death, judgment, and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind.

Col. 1

For the In[structor, the Rule of] the War. The first attack of the Sons of Light shall be undertaken against the forces of the Sons of Darkness, the army of Belial: the troops of Edom, Moab, the sons of Ammon, the [Amalekitesl, Philistia, and the troops of the Kittim of Asshur. Supporting them are those who have violated the covenant. The sons of Levi, the sons of Judah, and the sons of Benjamin, those exiled to the wilderness, shall fight against them with [ . . . ] against all their troops, when the exiles of the Sons of Light return from the Wilderness of the Peoples to camp in the Wilderness of Jerusalem. Then after the battle they shall go up from that place a[nd the king of] the Kittim [shall enter] into Egypt. In his time he shall go forth with great wrath to do battle against the kings of the north and in his anger he shall set out to destroy and eliminate the strength of I[srael. Then there shall be a time of salvation for the People of God, and a time of dominion for all the men of His forces, and eternal annihilation for all the forces of Belial.

There shall be g[reat] panic [among] the sons of Japheth. Assyria shall fall with no one to come to his aid, and the supremacy of the Kittim shall cease, that wickedness be overcome without a remnant. There shall be no survivors of [all the Sons of] Darkness.

Then [the Sons of Rig]hteousness shall shine to all ends of the world, continuing to shine forth until end of the appointed seasons of darkness. Then at the time appointed by God, His great excellence shall shine for all the times of e[ternity;] for peace and blessing, glory and joy, and long life for all Sons of Light. On the day when the Kittim fall there shall be a battle and horrible carnage before the God of Israel, for it is a day appointed by Him from ancient times as a battle of annihilation for the Sons of Darkness. On that day the congregation of the gods and the congregation of men shall engage one another, resulting in great carnage. The Sons of Light and the forces of Darkness shall fight together to show the strength of God with the roar of a great multitude and the shout of gods and men: a day of disaster. It is a time of distress fo[r al]l the people who are redeemed by God. In all their afflictions none exists that is like it, hastening to its completion as an eternal redemption. On the day of their batlle against the Kittim, they shall g[o forth for] carnage in battle. In three lots the Sons of Light shall stand firm so as to strike a blow at wickedness, and in three the army of Belial shall strengthen themselves so as to force the retreat of the forces [of Light. And when the] banners of the infantry cause their hearts to melt. then the strength of God will strengthen the he[arts of the Sons of Light.] In the seventh lot the great hand of God shall overcome [Belial and al]1 the angels of his dominion, and all the men of [his forces shall be destroyed forever].

[1] This text does not merely reflect a small community living there. Since "community" usually implies a definite and restricted geographical location and thereby calls this mistaken notion to mind, it seems better to find a different word for the text's users. To avoid the misleading connotations of various possible English semi-equivalents we have decided to use one of the association's most common self-designations, Yahad, "unity."

The Dead Sea Scrolls a new translation. (c) 1996 by Michael Wise

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