January 9, 2021: Platform Updates

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Recent Updates

Friends of Librti,
We are working on a few exciting features and improvements of the platform thanks to all your valuable feedback and support.

Here is some of what we've updated and changed over the past week:

  1. We've listened to your feedback! - Communities now have a dynamic map with a search bar, so that it is easy to find the community closest to you. Soon we will add a convenient "Request a community" button, but for now, please direct your requests to Tom Hopwood. Please note, that a new community will be set up only if at least several members request one in the same area.
  2. A few members have brought to our attention that the amount of timeline posts loaded on the main feeds is too low, so we have increased the amount of posts loaded from 8 to 12. We are considering to add infinite scroll in the future
  3. Several design improvements across the site
  4. Released the premium plan with additional resource-intensive features such as
    1. Adding videos and photos to your profile
    2. Uploading your own files, presentations, reports, charts, and so on
    3. Video calling and conferencing with other premium members through the messenger
    4. Creating and managing your own group and events
    5. Creating public rich text formatting articles, which you can then share with the general public.
    6. 16x expanded storage on your account
  5. We also updated the messenger - cut loading times in half, added time&date separators, introduced mentions, and more. On the flip side, we identified a few unexpected behaviours such as:
    1. Occasional notification counter glitch
    2. Automatic joining of group chats, that then sends you numerous notifications and emails

If you want to stop receiving emails for messages from group chats, please follow the following knowledge base article -
Currently you auto-join group chats when you visit a group page. We are already working on a future release, where this behaviour will be changed.

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