Librti Premium Subscription & Features Released

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We have now completed and activated the Librti Premium Membership. 

We kept Librti FREE for all Canadians, so everyone could join and participate in the conversations and benefit from being part of the community, participating in groups, the local communities, discussions and our marketplace.

And for our loyal power users, we created the Premium Membership with additional premium features, such as video uploading, video calls, group admin, additional storage, ability to sell on the Librti marketplace & much more.

If you are interested to see the brand new features we have available for Premium Members we’ve put all the details on this page:

We are not funded by billionaires and we don’t sell your data to the government and corporations. Librti costs money to operate and exists only thanks to the financial support from our paid, premium members. Premium features are resource-intensive and cost significantly more to provide compared to the free features.

We can offer everyone Free access and continue our work because of those members that purchase a premium account. The community thanks you.

Learn more:

Get Premium for a friend:

  1. Pay for premium again.
  2. Visit this page - - to see your active subscriptions.
  3. Copy your second license (the one you bought for your friend) from the Subscription column (Order ID).
  4. Send an email to, and include: 
    1. The link to your friends profile on
    2. The license from your account.
  5. Within the next 24h, the premium membership will be activated, and will be disabled once the license that you paid for expires.