January 10, 2021: Mini-update to the main Timeline

 Roman  ·  6 news

For the convenience of our new members, the default homepage feed will now be HOT - that resembles how it worked on the old Liberty Network. As you follow members and join groups, you can start making use of the PERSONAL feed, where you see content from people and groups that you follow.

In the near future we will make your feed selection permanently tied to your account, so that you wont have to switch to your preferred feed every time you load the page. 

For your reference, here are the 4 feeds:

  1. New (Previously called Public) - where you can see posts (excluding posts to groups/communities that you're not part of) sorted by most recent
  2. Hot (new default for the time being) - Where you can see more popular content that has recent activity.
  3. Personal (previously default) - Where you see content from people and groups that you follow sorted by most recent
  4. Hashtags - Content related to the hashtags you followed.
  5. Popular/Top (coming soon) - Content sorted by popularity by day/week/month

Additionally, we disabled some more messenger-related notifications completely for now, to make it easier to manage until we make it work exactly how it is intended to.

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